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Is JHP Dynamics For you?

We at JHP Dynamics offer you, the consumers and hobbyists, the most competitive pricing in the aftermarket community. We understood one thing when we got into the market, and that is to support the car community. We offer carbon fiber or fiberglass parts from either here in the U.S.A or from China. We don't deny this at all. Even though we buy from a manufacturer, we try to offer you the best pricing and fitment in the market. JHP has been giving back to the community. Come visit us at our next meet!

Our Parts.

Our parts are not always perfect, but this doesn't mean our parts are defective or ugly. Every manufactured product out there will always have little defects. Please understand we are charging you way less then the competitors, for example eBay and other larger corporations. Every product we have is hand made, not machine manufactured. We also have pictures of our products on our very own customers vehicles. Fitment is consider 8.5 out of 10 from me, but our customers have advised us it's about 10 out of 10 due to the price. All of our parts are ready to install out of the box.

Before you Purchase.

Please understand the comments and statements above. If you're looking to purchase please send us an email or Direct Message us on Instagram. We will send a shipping quote. All shipments are dropped off at FedEx on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Please do not use anything from this site unless you have written permission from JHP Dynamics, LLC. 

Please read our return policy:

If we are for you. 

If we are for you please send us a DM, so we can help you with your dream project. 

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