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I'm a fellow car enthusiast. I bought my first 2008 328i from my sister and fell in love ever since..

Ever since that car, I purchased a BMW M3 (aka F80) in 2016. When I purchased this car, I searched far and wide to find the best prices for carbon fiber accent pieces and were turned off immediately by the outrages prices.

So, we here are JHP_Dynamic's decided to produced or supply you the consumer with carbon fiber parts that you need to help build your next project. I understood three things: Price, Price and Price.. I myself will stride to sell you the products you need at the right price. I'm currently only selling BMW parts and hope to expand in the future.

I, a fellow Youtuber, will focus on what I mentioned above and provide how to videos for all my products listed on my website. So, you the consumer can be confident when purchasing my products.

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